Level 1: Mini Stock On-Road


Entry level brushed 1/16 scale 4wd RC cars and trucks, super fun and durable at the most affordable price.

Approved Vehicles:

  • UDI 1/16 Scale Line (Brushed)
  • Redcat Volcano 16 Line (sold under multiple names):
    • Blackzon Slyder
    • HBX 16889
    • IMEX Shogun, Ninja, Katana (Brushed version)
    • SG1601
  • Traxxas LaTrax Rally/Prerunner/Teton
  • ECX 1/18 Ruckus/Torment


  • Electronics: All vehicles must retain stock motor, ESC, radio system, and servo.  
  • Body: Custom bodies ok. 
  • Tires: RTR tires from above approved vehicles list only (mix and match ok).  
  • Handling Modifications:
  • Oil-filled shocks (specifically designed for the vehicle) are ok.  No other modifications that change dimensions or handling are allowed.  No chassis, gearing, or drivetrain modifications allowed.  With the exception of oil-filled shocks, vehicles should maintain stock handling, this is not a class for spending time on tuning and modifications to find an edge.
  • Durability Upgrades: Upgraded parts such as RPM arms or aluminum pieces, that increase durability without changing handling characteristics or vehicle dimensions, are ok.