Sumo Rules

What is RC Sumo?

RC Sumo is a “king of the hill” style competitive event whereby all participants start on a raised 12-foot octagonal platform from a dead start, and try to bash/flip/push each other off the edge, without falling off themselves. The winner is the last vehicle on the platform.  

Victory Conditions

To win, you must be the last vehicle on the platform, and be in a stationary position.  If you are battling for the win and momentum carries you off the sumo board, you lose – even if your competitor(s) fell off the table first.  You must be able to set your remote down and raise your hands without falling off the board in order to be declared the winner.  You do not need to be on your wheels or able to move in order to be the winner.

What are the rules?

RC Sumo has only a few rules:

  • 2s LiPo battery maximum, no exceptions. This includes large-scale models.
  • No engine revving when upside-down – safety hazard (exploding tires)
  • Plastic Body required, no metal/sharps – electronics must be covered
  • No moving modifications (flippers, hammers, saws etc – this is sumo, not battlebots) – even in the super class

Is there a time limit?

Yes.  The exact time limit will vary based on event type and other factors, and is subject to change at the discretion of the race director.  Typically the time limit will range between 3 and 5 minutes.  If no winner is determined before time expires, the round will be declared a draw.

How many cars will be on the board at once?

This depends on the particular event format in place.  Sumo can be played as a 1v1, or 4-player, 8-player, all the way up to 20+ cars at once in Battle Royale.

What car should I bring?

Whatever you like!  With the right strategy and careful driving, any type of RC can be competitive in RC sumo.  Different RC cars present different strengths and weaknesses.  For example, a mini RC may not have much bashing ability, but it’s low profile makes them hard to push off the edge.  A crawler may have lots of torque and pushing ability, but they tend to be easy to tip over.  These strengths and weaknesses tend to balance out and make for a fun and engaging battle no matter what types of RCs are involved.  Just make sure your car adheres to the couple of rules above and you are good!

What are the divisions?

RC Sumo is split into 3 divisions (subject to change):

Level 1: Mini

Any cars 1/14 scale or smaller. 

  • Example: Redcat Volcano, Losi Mini-B, WLToys 144001

Level 2: Stock

Any cars larger than 1/14 scale that don’t qualify for Level 3. 

  • Example: 1/10 touring car, Traxxas Slash, etc)

Level 3: Super

Open class for any crawlers 1/10 scale or larger, any vehicles ⅛ scale or larger, and any vehicles with sumo-specific modifications (plows, armor etc).

  • Example: Axial SCX10, Traxxas TRX-6, Arrma Typhon

IMPORTANT: Super class vehicles are still required to follow all the general rules, including 2s LiPo maximum.