Level 3: Casual Ten


Entry-level 1/10 scale class featuring stock Traxxas Slash and Rustler 2wd, as well as other miscellaneous casual 1/10 2wd vehicles of similar performance to be allowed at race director’s discretion.  Please do not push the rules or enter race-level vehicles and spoil the casual fun. If you want to race competitively in this class, do so with a rules-legal Slash 2wd (or choose a higher class).

Approved Vehicles:

  • Traxxas Slash 2wd (HCG edition)
  • Traxxas Rustler 2wd

Examples of other approved entries:

  • Traxxas Stampede/Bigfoot
  • Tamiya Lunchbox
  • ECX Amp Crush
  • Tamiya Grasshopper


  • Motor/ESC: All cars must retain stock motor and ESC. 
  • Servo: Cars may use stock 2075 servos, Spektrum S652, or DS 20KG servo.
  • Radio system: Approved stock RTR radios and receivers only: Traxxas TQ/TQi, Spektrum SLT2/SLT3, Redcat RCR-2CE, DumboRC X6, Associated XP120, FlySky FSGT2e/GT3B, and WLToys radios.  
  • Tires: 
    • Traxxas Slash Only: Slash may use stock Traxxas tires (BFGoodrich, Spec, or Kumho editions – no S1 compound allowed), or “Tovo PPoxes” spec tires available here or at RC Sports for $20/set of four. Street tread version may be used for all event types.  Carpet tread version (Style “A”) may be used for off-road events.  
    • Traxxas Rustler: Must use stock Traxxas Rustler Alias tires in stock front/rear locations – this will help negate the steering advantage the Rustler has over the Slash.
  • Chassis: Stock chassis only, no removal of material. No LCG Slash chassis.
  • Body: Custom bodies welcome! 
  • Drivetrain: Slash and Rustler must retain stock gearing (16-tooth pinion, 90-tooth spur).  No modifications to gears or gearbox/transmission allowed.
  • Suspension: Slash and Rustler must use stock ultra shocks and springs.  Traxxas Slash may cut the stock springs down by no more than three coils.  Oil may be changed, and aluminum caps are ok.  No other shock modifications allowed.
  • Summary: Only durability upgrades are allowed, IE, RPM arms, aluminum hubs.  Cars must maintain stock width, wheelbase, suspension geometry etc.