Level 4: Spec Boost

The $200 RTR Arrma Senton Boost is a fantastic carpet track racer right out of the box.  The Level 4 Spec Boost class will be the class for 1/10 scale competitive spec racing at RC Sports.  The class will offer extremely even racing on a high-performance platform at an incredibly affordable price, without participants having to worry about vehicle setup/modifications.  

Approved Vehicles:

  • Arrma Senton Boost only.


No modifications of any kind will be allowed except:

  • Removal of factory shock preload spacers
  • Moving ESC to lower mounting location
  • Substitution of SLT3 transmitter for stock SLT2 (for larger hands)
  • Upgraded/aftermarket front bumper
  • Custom bodies (full-fender short-course truck bodies only)

This class will be run in Level 5 (Super Ten) until/unless entry counts allow for a full separate class.