Season 2 Archive

Season Two ran from September 2023 to December 2023. Season 2 saw the growth of racer turnout from 30-40 entries at the start to consistently 50+ per night by the end of the season. Off-road races were held every other Friday, while oval and on-road races were held on Tuesdays. The off-road series twice saw 27-entry nights, and the on-road finale set the record in terms of car count, with 54 cars in action. The “Mini-Stock Advanced” class was introduced to separate the kids and adults running Mini-Stock cars. The Drifter class was discontinued towards the end of the season due to low interest and testing was done with Super Truck and Buggy classes running on the on-road circuit; this would become the framework for the upcoming Season 3. Nine different points champions were crowned. Keith Juliar and Ben Moore tied for the most championships with three each.

Season 2 Highlight Reel, Pictures & Video Clips

Season 2 Champions

Off Road:
Mini-Stock (Kids): Wesley Vande Voort
Mini-Stock Advanced: Ben Moore
Mini Turbo: Kyle Schroeder
Stock Truck: Tom Dessart
Super Truck: Andrew Pfluger
21.5 Spec Buggy: Ben Moore

Mini-Stock: Oliver Juliar
Mini-Stock Advanced: Mike Karl
Stock Truck: Keith Juliar
Supercar: Keith Juliar

Mini-Stock: Oliver Juliar
Mini-Stock Advanced: Ben Moore
Stock Oval: Mike Karl
Supercar: Keith Juliar
Super Oval: Randy Kempen

Misc Awards:
Perfect Season: Wesley Vande Voort (off-road mini-stock)
Track Builder Volunteer Award: Shane Thomas
Outstanding Marshall Award: Heidi Schroeder

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