Season 2 is Underway!


RC Sports schedule follows a “season” scheduling model that corresponds roughly with changing of the calendar seasons. Each season features its own points racing series and its own set of prizes (entries are earned for participating in races, winning feature races and winning season championships). Seasons generally begin with a few open practice nights, followed by a big Family Night special event & kickoff party, then points racing begins.

We are currently in Season 2 (fall 2023), which started in September, and concludes on December 16th with the Season 2 finale party/awards & trophy presentation/prize drawings. Click HERE to view the full calendar of events.

Season 2 features 6 rounds of racing for each division, and each driver gets one points “drop” per series (IE, your worst round will not count towards your points total.) Click the link above view the current points standings for each divison.

Season Passes are available that offer multiple-event admission packages at discounted rates, along with a variety of other bonuses. Season Passes are available at any time, can be redeemed for admission to any standard points races, and do not expire (IE, unused Season 2 Season Pass entries are valid for entries to races in future seasons.)