Level 4: Super Oval


Dedicated Traxxas Slash 2wd oval racing builds with racing modifications.  Similar to level 3 but with LCG chassis open to servo/radio and gearing modifications.  


  • Motor/ESC: Stock Traxxas XL-5 ESC and 12T Titan motor must be used.  ESC must be mounted in stock location.
  • Radio/servo: Open radio/servo, solid horn replacement ok. Receiver and receiver box must be in stock location.
  • Body: Bodies should be oval or circle track related (all styles/eras welcome). No short course truck bodies please.   
  • Tires: Stock Traxxas tires (BFGoodrich, Spec, or Kumho editions – no S1 compound allowed), or “Tovo PPoxes” spec tires in street tread only.  (Tovo tires recommended).  The Tovo tires are available here or at RC Sports for $20/set of four. Street tread version may be used for all event types.  Carpet tread version (Style “A”) may be used for off-road events only.
  • Gearing: Open gearing.
  • Shocks: Stock plastic body ultra shocks and Traxxas progressive springs required.  Aluminum caps ok. Limiters and bump stops are allowed.
  • Transmission: Stock Traxxas transmission required, no Magnum Pro transmission or parts allowed.  Differential must be free and operable – rotating one rear tire with the car lifted should not cause the motor to spin.  No modifications to internal gears.
  • Upgrades: RPM and aluminum suspension parts are allowed as long as they do not change the track width, wheelbase, or suspension geometry.