Universal Rules

The following rules apply to all cars in all racing classes:

  • 6-7-cell NiMH batteries or 7.4v (2-cell) LiPo (lithium polymer) batteries only – 8.4v maximum – no high-voltage batteries allowed.  Batteries must be mounted in factory chassis locations.
  • No tire sauce (traction compound) allowed
  • Classes with stock suspension rules MUST use stock spring retainers and shock collars to retain even ride height.
  • All classes must use proper offset wheels to retain factory width unless specifically allowed (IE, Tamiya TT-02 may extend to 200mm width).
  • Clean, indoor vehicles only.  No dirty vehicles allowed on the carpet.
  • Rules are subject to change at the discretion of RC Sports.
  • Reverse is allowed.
  • Do not attempt to find/exploit rules loopholes – this is a casual, family-friendly, affordable RC fun facility. If you are trying to find rules loopholes to gain an edge on the track you will be asked to revert your car back to stock.