Level 3: Stock Oval (“Mudboss”)


1/10 stock oval racing class based on the Traxxas Slash chassis.  This class is not open to other models like the Casual Ten classes are.


  • Motor/ESC: Stock Traxxas XL-5 ESC and 12T Titan motor must be used.  ESC must be mounted in stock location.
  • Radio: Approved stock RTR radios and receivers only: Traxxas TQ/TQi, Spektrum SLT2/SLT3, Redcat RCR-2CE, DumboRC X6, Associated XP120, FlySky FSGT2e/GT3B, and WLToys radios.  
  • Servo: Cars may use stock 2075 servos, Spektrum S652, or DS 20KG servo. 
  • Body: Oval style bodies are encouraged (all styles allowed), but stock short course truck bodies are also allowed.
  • Chassis: Stock HCG chassis required, no LCG conversion.  Must maintain stock wheelbase and width.
  • Tires: Stock Traxxas tires (BFGoodrich, Spec, or Kumho editions – no S1 compound allowed), or “Tovo PPoxes” spec tires in street tread only.  The Tovo tires are available here or at RC Sports for $20/set of four. Street tread version may be used for all event types.  Carpet tread version (Style “A”) may be used for off-road events.  
  • Gearing: Fixed stock gearing: 16T pinion, 90T spur.
  • Shocks: Must use stock Ultra shocks and factory stock front & rear springs mounted in factory location options on the arms and towersStock springs may be cut down by no more than three coils.  No internal limiters.  Aluminum caps ok.  Changing oil is allowed.
  • Transmission: Stock Traxxas transmission required, no Magnum Pro transmission or parts allowed.  Differential must be free and operable – rotating one rear tire with the car lifted should not cause the motor to spin.  No RPM tranny case.  No modifications to internal gears, no aftermarket differentials.
  • Upgrades: RPM and aluminum suspension parts are allowed as long as they do not change the track width, wheelbase, or suspension geometry.